Current School Priorities

Taverham VC CE Junior School: School Priorities for 2018-19

  •  Continue to develop and deepen children’s understanding and confidence in maths.
  •  Further develop children’s skills in reading, writing, spelling and grammar.
  •  Develop different and more effective ways to give feedback to children that have maximum impact on their learning.
  •  Ensure that all teachers use examples, modelling and questioning and assessment effectively, so that children know exactly how to succeed and demonstrate their learning.
  •  Ensure that there is positive and effective leadership at every level throughout the school.
  •  Develop all pupils’ personal qualities, confidence, resilience and empathy so that they can fully understand and model our ‘Values for Life’.
  •  Ensure that the building and school site are an attractive, safe, comfortable and stimulating place to learn and play.