Remote Learning

Taverham Junior School Remote Learning Procedure

Following the return of all children to school in September 2020, the government has made it clear that schools have a duty to provide remote education:

 ‘Where a pupil, class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home, DfE expects schools to be able to immediately offer them access to remote education. Schools should ensure remote education, where needed, is high-quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision.

This procedure outlines how Taverham Junior School will respond to the differing Covid 19-related situations leading to a child not attending school:

A child has tested positive, a child’s bubble has closed or a local/ national school closure has been announced;

  • Child(ren)will receive bespoke home learning to complete at home. It will be delivered via Google Classroom where children will be able to access learning, communicate with their teacher, upload their work and receive feedback.
  • This will be in the form of separate lessons for English and Maths along with lessons linked to other areas of the curriculum. 
  • These lessons may look similar to learning that happens in the classroom or, if appropriate, we may signpost children to complete pre-planned lessons provided by Oak National Academy* (or other suitable provider).
  • Teachers will, where possible, provide a short daily video clip where they will introduce the activities for the day and, if necessary, do some short explanations/modelling of the tasks to be completed.

A pupil is self-isolating due to family member/close contact testing positive for Covid:

  • Child(ren)will receive home learning via Google Classroom. This is likely to involve the class teacher suggesting suitable units from Oak National Academy* ( that are most closely matched to what is happening in school.

A child/ family member/ close contact has symptoms and is awaiting a test result:

  • If required, parents should access Oak National Academy* to find suitable work for their children. In this situation, if they wish, parents can contact the school (via the office) to request that their child’s teacher suggests suitable units from Oak National Academy that are most closely matched to what is happening in school. This is entirely optional.

Online learning support

We are aware that all children will need an internet-enabled device to be able to access the learning outlined above. If this is difficult for families, they should contact the school quickly to discuss their situation and we will support as appropriate. This may involve providing paper learning packs or, if possible, providing a device for the child(ren) to use at home.

If families have any technical difficulties with using Google Classroom, they should contact the office. If there are any queries about the home-learning work set, families should contact the class teacher via Google Classroom. 

*Oak National Academy is a government organised website that provides hundreds of lessons across many subjects and age groups.